TVM Jaeger Rifle

Our Jaeger Rifle is truly representative of the influence German gun makers brought to this country, perhaps even before our Nation was an independent country. The Jaeger (Hunter) Rifles were typically short barreled and large butted with heavy furniture, as is ours.

The Germanic lines and styling are very noticeable. They would range from the more utilitarian to the very ornate. Our Jaeger rifle has many extra cost options that can be added to achieve this latter effect and make a very nice custom muzzleloader. The standard Jaeger can be built right or left handed with brass or steel furniture. Calibers range from .32 to .58. We use Siler flintlock and  double set triggers. The rifle is built with plain maple stock.

Yaeger Rifle:
$1100.00  Steel
$1200.00 Brass
Left hand
Steel furniture
and Entry thimble
In-the-white: Less $100.00
with 2 lock bolts
Click on Photos to Enlarge
L&R Early Germanic Flintlock (Right Hand Only): $50.00
Swamped Barrel SBR: $250.00
Your length of pull

Note: Extra cost options that are added to rifles may cause delivery delays. No specific delivery date can be given.


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