TVM Late Lancaster Rifle

The Late Lancaster Rifle does not copy or represent any particular rifle or builder style from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but does reflect the general characteristics found on rifles from that area. The Late Lancaster Rifle is available with either brass or German Silver furniture. The standard rifle will come complete with a nosecap, 3 thimbles, a two bolt sideplate, and toeplate. It can be built in either right or left hand with a Siler flint or percussion lock and double set with your choice of caliber, barrel flat size, and barrel length of 36" or 42" also, with the customer's length of trigger pull. This is our most popular Lancaster style rifle and most of our Grand Rifles are built based on this pattern. With the addition of some extra cost options, like a patchbox, and inlay, some carving, and engraving, this makes a very nice custom muzzleloading rifle.

Lancaster Rifle:
$1100.00 Brass
$1200.00 German Silver
Left hand  
German Silver furniture
and Entry thimble
In-The-White: Less $100.00
with 2 lock bolts
Plain Maple Stock
Click on Photos to Enlarge
Unengraved: $200.00
Your length of pull
Inlays: Price will vary by the piece.
(Note: Add $10. for each piercing on boxes)

Late Lancaster Kit: $650.00  Brass    $700.00 German silver


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